Print the pricing table

Click the Pricing link at the right of the dashboard's line for the event in question, and select the event whose pricing you want to print. Then click the Print button on the page that comes up.

Print a blank ticket

Print blank tickets for all unsold seats

If you have used the Ticket printing dropdown in the Management panel of the dashboard to set your account to print one ticket per seat, there is an alternate way to generate tickets to sell at the door:

[General Admission only] Keep a tally

This is as simple as it sounds, and is included here only for completeness. Use the Manage Seats tab to see how many seats have been sold (in each section, if there are more than one), and how many seats are still available. Don't sell more tickets than you have seats left.

[Reserved Seating only] Print the seat chart and mark sales on it

In the Upcoming events panel of the dashboard, click on the seats button in the Venue column of the performance in question. A page will open up with a printable view of the seat chart. Click the Click the Print button at the top of the page, and then click whatever your browser asks to confirm. You might have to turn on print background colors and images if you want a full color print. That setting varies by browser — there are instructions below for three of the most popular browsers.

For Firefox:

For Microsoft IE9:

For Chrome:

Note: Almost all seat charts will print better in landscape mode than in portrait mode.