Clicking on the Payees link will show you the list of payees we have on file for you, both payee/address combinations for checks and ABA routing number/checking account number for direct deposit. Full checking account numbers are not shown. Below the list of existing payees are forms for requesting new ones.

To request a new direct deposit payment method: Enter the ABA routing number from the bottom of a check, the account number, and the name on the account. Then fax (914-239-4803) or email us a scan of a voided check. Please do not use a deposit slip for this request; the routing numbers on deposit slips are not typically the correct ones for direct deposit.

Checks typically have three numbers at the bottom:

To request a new payee/address combination for checks: Fill in the fields in the lower form.

We review payment method requests promptly. When we have finished our review, the status of the payment method will change from UNVERIFIED to VERIFIED. If we find a problem, we will contact you by email.

The separation of the payment process into Payees and Disbursements is a lot like storing phone numbers on a phone. A contact is entered once, and can then be clicked on to call without having to dial. In this setting, a payee is entered just once, and then selected from a dropdown every time a payment is to be be scheduled to that payee.