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Click on the Search for orders link in the Administration panel of the dashboard to search for an order by

List of Charge Failures

Click on the Charge failures link in the Administration panel of the dashboard to see a list of credit card charging failures.

This list is particularly useful when patrons see our charge in on-line access to their credit card accounts, but have not gotten a valid receipt. This situation comes up when a charge is declined because of a bad CVV code or address. In that case, the card issuer typically holds the funds for several days, and then releases them back to the cardholder. We have never understood why card issuers are allowed to do this. Cardholders can often get the funds released early by notifying the card issuer that they know the charge did not go through.

Patrons commonly modify the information on the checkout page and try again. If they are ultimately successful, the link in the Created column of the report will take you to the order.